February 25, 2010

Goal: laundry room makeover

I've been wanting to get my laundry room organized and re-painted for so long. I just couldn't decide on which color or style to go with. I think I've finally narrowed down my plan so here it is....

I recently saw in a magazine the cutest roman shade made out of a vintage feed sack. I've been scouting them out on ebay but they're pretty pricey, however I think I can replicate this with a piece of burlap, a stencil and some paint. Check back later for my results. 

My plan is to paint the walls this coral color, using turquoise accents, and paint the cabinets a sand color. And of course to hang up this cute sign Jen and I saw at Anthropologie.

I'm giving myself exactly one month to get this project done; I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to painting. So check back and see if I reach my goal.


  1. Anthropologie is my favorite store. I love their sale rack. I have found so many unique clothing items and home decor items. The laundry sign is super cute. Good luck with the project.


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