April 30, 2010

Announcing our winners

Thanks for all the entrants in our ad giveaway, all of your projects were inventive and thrifty. The votes are tallied and the final two winners are...

The Painted Hive for turning that ugly beat up table into this beautiful beat up table.

Tammy from In Stitches for turning that hideous brown thing into this bright shinning beauty.


  1. excellent choices :) that yellow guy is one of the coolest transformations i've seen on any blog.

  2. WooooHoooo ! Thanks for loving it as much as I do. And congrats to Painted Hive, that was a great transformation too.

  3. Great transformations...I LOVE what paint can do...especially a bright fun color...so modern, yet classic. I am busting out the paint!

  4. the table is outrageous good that is the one I voted for along with the yellow hutch thingy console...great minds but they are so cool gives me good inspiration...sending the stuff to finish your laundry room so you should get this week now get to painting and posting posting posting...


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