May 9, 2010

DIY: Cheese Dome

What in the world is a cheese dome?  
That's what I asked Kelly, our friend and fellow local blogger
 from My Dear Trash, when she posted her Cheese Dome Gone Chic. 
Since then, I've found a few and here's my version.

Do It Yourself!
Supplies Needed:
Cheese Dome (obviously)
Plates that fit your dome
Candlesticks of varying heights
Liquid Nail
Spray paint

Simply spray paint your candlestick.  Next, use Liquid nail or some other strong adhesive to glue your plate to your candlestick.  Let it cure overnight.  Then add your dome and a few little ribbons or tags... they'll look so 'chic' displayed on your dining table.  Imagine them filled with fresh baked pastry or Easter Eggs or Christmas chocolates!!

  As always, just email me with any questions here.

My friend also made her version of this project and they are beautiful.  I love seeing different styles and interpretations of the same idea.  I'll see if I can sneak over to her house and snap a few photos.  Look for DIY: Cheese Dome Part II in a few days. 



  1. Pretty! I've snagged a couple of these myself lately. I have one finished and on the kitchen counter. Just have to photograph it and write up a post. I haven't done anything with the other one yet. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to give it away as a gift or keep it for myself. ha ha

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  3. Lovely! I have been scouring goodwill for a cheese dome for a while. Obviously, I am not alone. Very scarce in these parts. One day!

  4. I have picked up two of these lately and am stoked to get them refabed! Thanks for the inspiration. Yours are beautiful.

  5. I found one at a thrift store and I just use it like this.

    I have seen a few w/ the wooden cheese boards at Goodwill but now I'm looking for different ones.


  6. Just a question because I have about 3 of these I've made but I haven't wanted to serve any food on them.. Can you put food on something that's been spray painted and it's safe?

  7. My mother in law has one she is giving me to get rid of it. She almost gave it to goodwill and happened to ask if I wanted it!!! I like what you did with them! I saw your post over at Reinvented and thought I would stop by!

  8. Very clever!! Loving it!


  9. I just made one of these myself - yours came out great!

  10. I love the one with all the etching, so pretty and elegant!!

  11. Hello sweet Jeni - I'm a new follower of your fabulous blog via Met Monday (catching up from last week!). Love what you did with all the cheese domes, plates, and candlesticks! They all look awesome! I've been on the hunt for the same idea as I visit the goodwill. Thank you for the tutorial to make my own!

    I'd love for you to come by for a visit - having a giveaway!



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