May 20, 2010

Summer on the Brain!

When it's summertime, we don't want to cook. 
We don't want to turn on the oven or the stove. 
We don't want to take more than 5 minutes to prepare a meal. 
Or clean it up.
 We want something full of the freshness that summer brings.
And, whatever it is, it has to go well with fresh sweet juicy watermelon. 

Summer Veggie Wraps

I'm on the hunt for easy fresh summer recipes.  So, if you have suggestions,
I'd love to see them. 
Send me your link!

Fresh tortillas
1 can of chicken -(substitute brown rice and this make a tasty vegetarian meal)
Lettuce greens
Spinach greens
Purple or green onion
Feta cheese
Cracked pepper
Your favorite dressing

 How to put it together:
Heat up your griddle and cook your tortillas-just a minute or so on each side.  While they are cooking,
chop your veggies and shred your salad greens.
Add the veggies with the chicken or brown rice to your favorite dressing and mix in a bowl. 
Then prepare your tortilla by adding salad greens then a layer
of your veggie mix, a sprinkle of feta,
a couple sprigs of cilantro and a crank or two of cracked pepper. 
Now, roll your tortilla and Chow Down.
Believe me, this is so tasty with a couple chunks
of fresh watermelon on the side.


  1. I'm so hungry and that looks yummy, going to the grocery store today to buy the stuff...thanks Jen.

  2. That looks awesome if only we lived closer i would be over for dinner.

  3. Hey Jen, when you say favorite dressing do you mean mayo or miracle whip or salad dressing? I'm making these tomorrow for lunch.

  4. Its salad dressing. I used ranch but I bet a little of moms dill dip would be yummy too.

  5. That looks soooo good!!

  6. This looks so refreshingly delicious! Yum :)

  7. So I tried this today for lunch with a Parmesan Cesar dressing and Parmesan cheese instead of feta...very yummy. Next time I want to try Cafe Rio salad dressing, yum! Thanks for the recipe Jen.


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