June 24, 2010

The Speckled Dog

I can't stand this style of table.
It's circa 1993 rounded corners and blonde wood make me wanna puke. Blah.

  I don't think Dax likes this table either. 
Who's Dax?  She's inspiration behind The Speckled Dog.
Now check out the fabulous makeover our friend Kristi from The Speckled Dog did!
The harlequin design is an unexpected detail that I really really dig.
I'm sure Dax loves it too.
Click here to check the details of this makeover.
Thanks for the inspiration Kristi!


  1. Holy crow, that's terrific!!

  2. i'm right there with ya, that original style is TERRIBLE. but the speckled dog can clearly work some magic ;)

  3. I love love love this!!!

  4. Love the black accents on the table. Great piece.

  5. Looks perfect! Love it!


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