July 12, 2010

You did What!!!???

I know, I know,
it's an eternal debate to paint wood or not to paint wood. 
Wood has it's natural beauty and timelessness but what if...

You painted your wood floors?
I'm seriously considering this in my family room.  What do you think the Man will say? 
These inspirations are so exciting! 

Photo Sources in order: Living Etc., Parador, Wide Open Spaces,marzipan inc.,Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Vintage Seattle, Mark Cutler Design, Cottage Living, Door Sixteen, Cococozy, Lalalovely, Door Sixteen


  1. i personally love painted furniture and floors. i do! i think it's a personal preference and what works best for your space. but i'm all in! no need to convince me!

  2. My floors in the den are painted just a plain barn red they have been that way for almost 40 years and they have finally worn down to look "old". Love the floors with the stencil words.

  3. I've been seriously considering painting our wood floors! I love the look of the kitchen floor you posted, that's kind of what I want to go for in my own kitchen, if I can convince the hubby!

  4. I'm dying to paint my floors! Just so scared that other people will not like it...don't want them to look cheap!

  5. I love love love that yellow stenciled one, definitely my fav. I think painting the floor would be a great solution, especially to anyone that doesn't want to take the time and money to properly refinish a hard wood floor.

    Also, if you're painting it instead of staining, you can go with a cheaper wood...always a fan of the cheaper option.

    What I've been learning, as I slowly decorate my first home, never decorate, paint or design according to what others think is beautiful. (unless you're selling soon) It's your space and it should reflect your personality.

  6. I say paint it! You can ALWAYS refinish them with a professional sander you can rent if you get sick of it in 10 years. I seriously doubt you will though. My Mom has all white wood floors in her upstairs & they are worn over the years - looks fabulous! Paint is my best friend!

  7. I'm honestly surprised at how good those look! I especially love the one that looks like shipping crates.

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  9. While I'm entirely in support of painting wood furniture, brick, and doors... I'm extremely cautious about painting hardwood floors. The samples you shared really don't do it for me; I think all of them would look FAR better with the wood grain. Perhaps the right decor plan would make me change my mind, but as of right now, I'd say keep 'em wood. If you like the look of painted floors and are building, painted concrete seems like a better choice!


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