September 24, 2010

Enjoy your Weekend

Bro with some peaches

With late summer and early Autumn it's time for the fruit lady and delicious peach season.  Mini-buns and I spent all morning and part of an afternoon making a peach pit ring.  Remember those?  That's a blast from my past...I remember sitting on the curb with my best friends sanding down the peach pit on the sidewalk and within no time we had a ring!  But for some reason to my adult mind, it seemed to take FOREVER!!

Have a great weekend and check out a few cool things we found from around the web:

When my son brings the garden hose inside the house and turns it on I like to count to 10 and then look at this, this or this...and think, it wasn't that bad.

A quirky Chick Flick weekend

A Beard and Mustache Competition, how fun!

The creepiest of Halloween table settings

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