September 14, 2010

Hey Locals!

This one is for you.

It's a shout-out for I Heart Mesa a local blog I really dig.
Why do I dig them?  Cause they are all about my 'hood', Mesa Arizona.  And they list loads of cool local happenings like the farmers market (best produce!) and every Thursday night is free admission to the Mesa Arts Center or even mentioning this new market near my house called Pool (I hear there is a magnificent cupcake shop inside) and the coming soon but not yet listed home decor/furniture Swap.

But really, what I wanted to say was...If you want to run, jog or walk join us, cause I'm joining them for the Shun the Sun Skin Cancer Run.  You know how running is, the more people cheering you on the easier it is.  I Heart Mesa doesn't have a team but wouldn't it be great to meet each other at the starting line, do a few stretches and give everyone a 'high 5'?  Then after, we could hoard around the sample tables...
(My girl and I exhausted after a little race we ran.)

1 comment:

  1. Aaah, thanks Jeni. Looking forward to running with you. Though when I say "with you" I really mean starting the run with you. This is my first one. I better get out there and start at least a little training!


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