September 13, 2010

I was having one of those
terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days
when I came home and saw these on our table with a very sweet note.  
Matt (the Man of my house, and someday soon, I will officially introduce you) surprised me with pink roses!  Somehow, that very thoughtful act whisked away my terrible day.  Thank you sweets!

And now, I want to pay it forward.


  1. How very sweet! Love the color of those roses!!

  2. Sweet man! I have one too. Aren't they wonderful? Amazing how some kindness from the right corner can make our bad days pretty great.

  3. So pretty. If only all men knew that sometimes that is all it takes. We don't need em to solve our problems but just try to understand and of course give us flowers:-)

  4. if your happy then I'm happy....i love you!


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