October 5, 2010

All things Halloween

Already this season we've renewed our love affair with pumpkins,
        Thriller and Monster Mash are playing 
      on repeat,
and I've noticed a spookyghoulish  feeling growing in the atmosphere,
                       and eaten way too many candy corn (uggg I'm bloated),
Our scary movie checklist has begun...
     The Never Ending Story
     Watcher in the Woods,
and the house smells like cinnamon, clove, ginger and all things yummy!

Soon Halloween will be knocking on your door!

This month, Peppertowne will post all things Halloween.  To begin our holiday obsession I suggest you whip up a batch of these scrumptious little spiced pumpkin cookies from a new fav blog of mine, PureModLife.  Check out her recipe here and read how pumpkin actually fights aging and cancer and osteoporosis and more!  who knew?  

These are delicious and moist and sweet and yummy and practically perfect!  I promise.
Not to mention, one delightful whiff of these cookies baking in your oven will put
                      your family in a 
                  frightfully fun Halloween Mood!


  1. fun post, so glad you liked them! xx

  2. Cool post! Labryinth is a Halloweeny movie!


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