March 2, 2011

Color Me Katie

I don't read blogs.  I love them.  But I don't read them.

Aren't we too busy? Life takes up A LOT of time.  Even personal hygiene has taken a back burner for me.  It's no secret that I haven't showered since Sunday.  Those of you who know me are laughing cause this is a joke that has turned into a pretty regular bad habit.  Ha ha, cause the jokes on me, as I do a quick pit sniff...I'm still good for another day. 

So, that's why I don't read blogs. I'm a skimmer.  I'll skim the words but what addicts me are all the fabulous pictures!  ALL the glorious pictures!!  With a few stolen moments, I can zip through a handful of inspiring blogs. And this blog is no exception.  For a good laugh visit the talented photographer and street artist Katie.  Today she shares a most hilarious and uplifting post entitled Things I Learned on the Street.  enjoy

And these pics are for you Amy. A little turquoise, navy and yellow inspiration for your living room/kitchen.

A Jonathan Adler Design

In the madness, I lost my links and credits to these photos.  I should have showered instead of writing this post.  Am I losing my mind.....?

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