May 4, 2010

Product Review

We are NOT getting paid for this review in any way, this is purely our own opinion and results.
You've probably seen the commercials about Frog Tape and wondered if it really does what it says, if it really works better than that old blue painters tape.
Frog Tape versus Scotch Painters Tape for delicate surfaces. Frog Tape costs about $2 more per roll for the 1.5" size and $5 more per roll for the big 2" size. Wow at that price it better be an amazing difference!
Sorry for the less than excellent pictures. As you can see I got a straight line using painters tape, little to no paint bleed. In my previous experience with painters tape I found that using delicate surfaces tape instead of multi-surface lead to a better result.
Now to Frog Tape, I still got a straight line, without much paint bleed. One thing I noticed that was a difference, the frog tape is more durable while removing it than painters tape. It tended to come off in a big long piece while the painters tape would often rip.

For me the price difference is just too much especially for the 2" tape. I got the same results with both Frog Tape and Painters Tape. In the future I will be buying whichever is cheaper and right now that is Painters Tape.


  1. yea i really haven't been all that impressed with the fancy, expensive frog tape, either. i will say that in my experiences, frog tape works best if you let the paint dry THEN peel it up; painter's tape, i peel it up after about 15-30 minutes, since it tends to rip off some of the dried paint if you wait too long, created a very choppy paint line.

  2. Great review, thank you! I haven't been able to find Froggy Tape in my area, and have been "missing" it - getting to TRY it, that is. Anyways, I thought I was missing out having to use the blue stuff. Thanks for letting me know its not that big of a deal!


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