June 16, 2010

The Controversy

Did you read the controversy about our trash chair turned tree swing
that was featured on the popular online magazine
Apartment Therapy?
Click the Apartment Therapy and read the comments.

Well, all your questions will be answered tomorrow in a complete DIY
including how to tie the knots and weatherproof outdoor furniture!


  1. Well, that stinks. Always has to be someone to piss on a parade. Ha ha.

    I don't care if it just lasts one summer. It's still awesome!!!

  2. Really? People need to get a life! I'm excited to see how to weatherproof furniture though!

  3. WOW!!!!!! I'm blown away by some of the comments!?! SO what they think only teak can be used outdoors?? What do they think sealers where made for?!?!? I thought it was the MOST BRILLIANT idea i'd ever seen.

  4. AnonymousJune 17, 2010

    I wasn't keeping count, but it seemed like there were more positives than negatives. I absolutely LOVE the swing. I've heard other people mention that when their projects were featured on Apartment Therapy, it was difficult to read some of the comments. I have found the same thing at Rate My Space. You are so creative and clever, regardless of what some of the comments read. Ignore the bad and enjoy the good!

  5. I really love Apartment Therapy and all the helpful, interesting, insightful, pretty posts the blog team writes. The big drawback to the site is that reading through the comments there is almost always a net loss of time, energy, and optimism. It's true that often there are more positive comments than negative ones, but the negative ones are hard to undo. And for every curmudgeon that (with secret glee) abuses an idea (sometimes strongly suggesting very unflattering things about the author of that idea), numerous other would-be curmudgeons are empowered to spew crankiness. In general, I try to avoid reading the comments. I can't always help myself, unfortunately.


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