June 16, 2010

Hello Peppertowne!

After more than a week of house guests, I'm back!! 
I've missed Peppertowne and all of you.  And we have so many new friends!  Welcome.
While I've been away, Amy has found some pretty rad things! 

First of all, Isn't the shelf giveaway from Old New Again is especially crave-worthy? 
And don't you adore her 'eat' sign.  If you haven't already, sign up to win.  I really wish I could win our own giveaway...sigh.

And Taraduff's Beard Beanie!!!  I'm dying...this is fantastic!
I can think of so many uses...
can't wait for Halloween and snowboard season!
Ok, and isn't there something just oh-so-sexy about a man wearing a beard beanie?

And, did you see Jennifer Young's I Art You?
Tons and tons of intriguing photos to thumb through.  As well as her Friday vignette's...very cool.

Awesome finds Amy!  She's always had a knack for finding the coolest stuff.

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