June 16, 2010

Summer Reading

For all you book lovers out there Paper Back Swap is for you, it's easy...
1. List books you have but no longer want
2. Someone chooses your book to order
3. Mail them your book and receive one credit
4. Take your credit and order a new book
5. Wait and watch for the mail

I just signed up a few days ago, already I have mailed out 8 books and am waiting patiently for my new ones in the mail. The only draw back, most of the newly released books are not on the website yet, but for older books and classics this is perfect. 


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I need to check into this!

  2. I LOVE paperbackswap! It's such a great idea. I also like swapadvd, which is the same idea but for dvds.


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