August 23, 2010

Blog Crush

My newest blog find! Sixty-Fifth Avenue shops thrift stores, garage sales and Craigslist for great furniture finds and makes them sexy again. There's nothing I love more than old furniture re-made into something fabulous.
 Dressers are my favorite thing to redo, aren't her lines just gorgeous? Check out her hardware painting techniques here!

I absolutely love this one!

Such a great outdoor room, perfect for reading a great book while drinking lemonade.

And my favorite thing of all, her butterfly artwork made from old magazines and a paper punch, its adorable!


  1. Thanks for the feature! So happy to have found your blog too.

  2. Oh I love it all! The furniture is fabulous and the butterflies are wonderful, what a great mix of color.


  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I shall try again and perhaps this time I will put all my words in the correct places. I have always LOVED the look of that butterfly picture too! So clever!

  5. I think Anna banana needs one of those fanciful butterfly exhibits in her room. I may even have a punch you can use and I know I have an abundance of scrap book paper if you want to tap it!


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