March 10, 2011

New Camera & Muffin Update

Yesterday I posted my very yummy muffin recipe without pictures because my camera broke. Partly due to the fact that I allowed my toddler to use it to photograph her toys and other interesting items that you can see here on her blog Rock Steady, but mostly because it was old, had been dropped on the road...several times, and filled with sand. This accumulation of abuses has resulted in the button being stuck in video mode. Last night I went to my local evil Walmart and bought this nifty little thing, it's a little larger than my last one a canon elf but worth it. It comes with high def video, fish eye, and miniaturize that makes everything look like small little toys. I'm supper excited about trying out all my new settings.
 Anyways, back to my original point about the muffins, here are the muffins with banana instead of pumpkin because we already ate all the pumpkin ones. Don't they look yummy, go bake a batch!

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